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Our Programs

Artists in Residence Grants

Welcome to the Artists in Residence grants program, brought to you by Northeast Shores and the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture. Through this exciting new program, we're giving artists who live and work in North Shore Collinwood an opportunity to propose creative solutions to some of the issues the community cares about the most.

summer 2013 projects

Michael Brown's tap classes

Brown will move his Different Styles of Dance into a highly visible vacant storefront and will continue to provide high-quality tap dance instruction to people of all ages and backgrounds. He is occupying the vacant space, which became available on December 31, 2012, as a result of an artist relocating, leaving the building looking abandoned from the main street level. Brown will teach all North Shore residents who want to learn the art of tap dancing. Currently teaching Saturday classes and private lessons, he will now teach at least five days a week and is currently setting up summer camp classes. His goal is to teach any resident who wants to learn the art of tap dancing, regardless of finances or disabilities.

Amy Callahan's Street Art Project

This project imagines the walls, the alley ways, and all the nooks and crannies of the Waterloo Arts District as a canvas for a variety of skilled artists to create distinctive art work. This project embraces the street art movement which has been minimally represented in Cleveland, but is sweeping like wild fire across other parts of the world and transforming cities into outdoor museums. A half dozen murals will be created simultaneously as well as smaller scale temporary and permanent installations that will happen in alleyways, on sidewalks and other structures throughout the street. The installations and murals will be created/installed the week prior to the Waterloo Arts Fest. A walking map, providing information about the various artists and guiding visitors to the different pieces, will be given out at the festival. After the event the permanent pieces of artwork will remain as a proclamation that Waterloo is a vibrant arts district. 

Debbie Gulyas' Alley Cat House Project

The “Alley Cat House Project” will include 6 outdoor feral cat shelter kits that will be assembled by Gulya and a local carpenter. The shelters will then be painted and decorated by six local artists selected from an open call for design, juried by three people from the Cleveland art and museum community. Each artist will be provided with detailed instructions on acceptable materials for the project, thus helping to insure the shelter’s longevity and safe use for animals. The six winning designs will be awarded $300.00 each. The shelter style will be a simple prefab wood dog house, but will be modified to accommodate feral cats by making the entrances smaller and adding insulation for extra warmth during winter habitation.

Lea Maxwell's Messages in Bottles

This three-part project revolves around the idea of “messages in bottles.” This theme will bring to mind the idea of an S.O.S. (save our streets) for our neighborhood, while also conjuring up the idea of a vacant, yet exotic island. These themes suit Collinwood, a waterfront community, well. The project will include: a.) the painting of one-dimensional bottles (using chalk or paint) around public spaces for residents/visitors to write chalk messages to the community; b.) creating an art installation using glass bottles (discards from area businesses, such as the Beachland) and other recycled materials. The bottles will be used to hold messages and artifacts from residents/visitors. This installation will later be turned into a time capsule to reside on Waterloo for a duration of time, until the bottles are opened at a later date; and c.) distribution of a post-card showing an empty bottle: this can be filled in and mailed to a friend to promote this project and this neighborhood.

Ivana Medukic's Family Movie Nights on Waterloo!

Imagine driving down Waterloo Road and seeing tables, chairs and blankets spread out and neighborhood kids munching on tasty popcorn, waiting for a movie to start in a vacant lot that’s usually overlooked, underused or filled with debris. This project will utilize vacant and underused lots to host free Family Movie Nights on Waterloo Road during Walk All Over Waterloo (WAOW) weekends, First Fridays, during the months of May through September. The 5-vacant/underused lots are located on Waterloo Road between E 152nd St and E 161st Street. A panel of Waterloo Merchants will select 5 family friendly movies that will be screened and all movie technical components will be provided by Funflicks outdoor movie rentals (including popcorn!). Neighborhood volunteers and myself will come together to clean up the vacant lots prior to each time prior to a movie screening that will stay up for the duration of the grant period May – September, by the end of the grant period there will be 5 temporary light installations on Waterloo Rd. This will aid in the lot beautification and in visibility even after the movie night, making the vacant/underused lot a less daunting place for residents and visitors to walk past. 

Loren Naji's Re:facing Collinwood

Collinwood Facelift (or Re:facing Collinwood) will resurface a foreclosed house on 156th St. with Xeroxes of faces of the community pasted to an exterior plywood surface. The images of “community members at large” will be captured at neighborhood copy-jam parties at Collinwood events/venues that will encourage participation and feedback regarding the conception of “The Town Hall of Art” a soon-to-be interactive art space. Later, this plywood outer wall will serve as a substrate to fasten weather resistant acrylic & oil paintings by local artists. The paintings on wood panels with assorted frames bought from local garage sales will cover the house façade. Paintings sold, or spaces left will reveal previous Xerox art. This striking, unusual, curiosity-arousing, art covered house will look like a decorative mosaic or a salon styled gallery turned inside out.

Jerry Schmidt's Switch on Waterloo

“Switch on Waterloo” is a public sculpture symbolizing the re-energizing of the North Waterloo neighborhood. The iconic image of a monumental light switch is reflected in “Project Light Switch Waterloo”. The sculpture will be installed in a vacant green space on E. 156th Street adjacent to Chloe’s Diner and directly across from Arts Collinwood. The sculpture will be interactive with viewers by manual operation of the switch mechanism. 4” round steel tubing will form the framework and base for the switch. Tubing will be hydraulically bent and welded. The sculpture will stand 10’ above finished grade with the switch handle centered at 5’. The switch will be housed in a steel enclosure with a large protruding handle and a clicking gear mechanism. The base will be a steel checkerboard plate mounted securely to a poured concrete pad. The sculpture will be powder coated for a durable finish if funding permits.

Omid Tavakoli's Waterloo Sculpture Garden

Artists in Residence funding will help Tavakoli to organize and operate the Waterloo Sculpture Garden for the next two years. The garden will release a full marketing campaign with seasonal exhibit flyers, event calendars, business cards, CAN Journal publications, and a website. The garden will feature local professional artists, as well as regional artists, while still showcasing the sculpture departments of local universities. Another large portion of the funding will be designated towards workshop supplies and salaries for teachers, musicians, and yoga instructors. These workshops will cater to the kids and young adults of the community, in collaboration with Shore Cultural Centre and Arts Collinwood. Events such as concerts, bird house building and decorating competitions, camping in the “Wood,” and the fall pumpkin painting and carving competitions are just to name a few. They plan to be the new location of regular scheduled Waterloo events, such as the “Music for Miles” concerts, and the Collinwood Rain Barrel Project. Other funds would be spent on purchasing a few garden-related artworks, from ceramics to metal works, including a garden-inspired bike rack from Rust Belt Welders. 

winter 2013 projects

Neil Chastain's Collinwood sound project

Neil will lead a series of workshops for youth designed to engage young people in composing, creating, performing and recording original music pieces. One of the main desired goals is for participants to create a Collinwood sound compilation that they will then market and distribute.

Ray McNiece's North Collinwood Stories – An Intergenerational Story Circle

Ray will mentor students from Villa-Angela-St. Joseph’s School Honors English Program as they interview and transcribe the stories of elderly residents in the Waterloo area. The project will culminate in an intergenerational story sharing at the Collinwood Arts Café. 

Lou Ross's Wheels on Waterloo

Lou will oversee development of a public sculpture for placement opposite the 2013 Waterloo streetscape project. The sculpture will reflect the neighborhood’s rich history of transportation and manufacturing, with wheels representing the movement of time, where we have been, are now and where we are going in the future.

Jerry Schmidt's metalworking instruction

Jerry will instruct teenagers about metalworking, using various welding techniques learned in the studio classroom. Basic mathematics, reading a tape measure and preliminary design sketching will also be taught. They will apprentice Jerry as he completes art pieces and utilitarian projects for Collinwood area merchants.

R.A. Washington's North Collinwood Youth Choir and Performance Ensemble

R.A. will engage North Collinwood teenagers in a series of workshops to form a performance group. He will teach the ensemble the basics of performance poetry, musical theatre and songwriting and will work with them to create new arrangements for a songbook of historic songs.

Doug Wood's Music Education Series

Doug will continue his music program with a series of five 1-hour classes for children ages 6 – 9. The classes will take place weekends this winter, each with different guest performers from different genres of music. As curator of the class, Doug will help the artists share their music and engage in a question and answer session with the children.

Linda Zolten Wood's Rain Barrel Art Auction

Linda will be placing a call for artists in greater Cleveland to design and paint 50 gallon rain barrels. The project will culminate in an exhibit and auction for up to a dozen selected designs.The design competition will highlight North Collinwood's history, physical characteristics and community assets including our Lake. 

The members of the panel that made the final grant recommendations were neighborhood residents Amy Shoff, Jim Tomaszewski and Pat Harrison, assisted by Colleen Gilson of Cleveland Neighborhood Development Coalition and theatre artist Peter Lawson Jones.

summer 2012 projects

Shawn Mishak's documentary

Shawn will create a documentary describing life in North Shore Collinwood through the eyes of residents and create a piece of art representing each resident interviewed.  Everything will be exhibited at a premier event that will be free and open to the public.  Mishak also hopes to show the film at other events and submit it to film festivals so that it and Collinwood will gain more exposure. 

Erin Randel’s “Scoop on Summer

This large brochure provides a calendar of the events and activities going on in North Shore Collinwood this summer.  It is available for free in many areas around the neighborhood. 

Jef Scharf's portable silk-screen printer

Jef is giving Collinwood a portable silk-screen printing device to print posters, t-shirts and flyers.  He will provide workshops, which will take place at Arts Collinwood, to teach residents how to operate the press and use its products to inform the community. 

Omid Tavakoli's sculpture garden

Omid is reopening the sculpture garden located outside the Zaller Building along Waterloo Road.  He plans to fill the space with outdoor sculptures, exotic plants and a pond and open the space to the public.  The project will also improve the safety and walkability of the area by adding an outdoor lighting system. 

Krista Tomorowitz's pop-up fashion studio

Krista is creating a pop-up fashion studio and interactive sewing lab in a vacant storefront.  The shop will teach high school students basic sewing and fashion skills and the project will culminate with a fashion show and clothing sale featuring the work of the students. 

Doug Wood's music education classes

Doug is hosting a series of free summer music education and appreciation classes for school-aged children.  The hour-long classes will each feature a different guest performer in a different genre of music including blues, jazz and American folk music. 

The members of the panel that made the final grant recommendations were neighborhood residents Andrea Hinton, Charlotte Iafeliece and Brian Licht, assisted by Vince Reddy of LAND Studio, and Nelson Beckford of The Cleveland Foundation. 

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