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Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Initiative

On January 25, 2013, Hunter Morisson joined the arts and culture community to present and discuss information about the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Initiative (NEOSCC). You can read an article about the event in Freshwater-Cleveland.

NEOSCC Arts and Culture Roundtable from vschumac

When we presented "From Rust Belt to Artist Belt," the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture thought about how artists were tackling issues like brownfields and vacancy - turning them into opportunity. In revisiting issues that effect Northeast Ohio's sustainability, we are talking with Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium (NEOSCC). NEOSCC's research found five over-arching themes that surround the region's discussion of sustainability and land use:

  1. NEO has significant regional assets and resources 
  2. NEO has built out into the region even as its population has slightly declined
  3. The spreading out of NEO's population has had a significant impact on the region 
  4. NEO's understanding of the region and its needs continues to evolve 
  5. NEO has work to finish and emerging challenges to meet

Where do you see arts and culture playing a larger role in sustainability? How have you adapted to these challenges? What opportunities have you found related to these issues in arts and culture?


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