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Photo by Donald Black Jr.

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Campaign Corner

Cuyahoga County voters made a significant investment in our community when they passed the historic Arts & Culture levy in 2006. This penny-and-a-half per cigarette tax has generated more than $15 million each year to support arts and culture programs, services and organizations countywide.  

Through grants distributed by the county agency Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC), this public funding has been a vital part of greater Cleveland’s renaissance. 

CAC funding has reached every corner of the county, supporting 300 organizations in nearly every community. As a recipient of funds from CAC, we are proud to have supported 132 individual artists through our Creative Workforce Fellowship program. With $2.4 million in investment, those artists have created new work, conducted education and outreach programs, built businesses, established national and international recognition of Cleveland’s arts and culture scene and much more.

Issue 8

On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, Cuyahoga County voters had the opportunity to continue their support for our arts and culture sector by renewing the Arts & Culture levy. It was emphasized to the public that this renewal would not be a tax increase. 

Issue 8 Our Arts. Our Culture. Our Future.

We are pleased to announce that the Arts and Culture levy not only passed, but passed with 75% of Cuyahoga County residents voting yes and only 25% of Cuyahoga County residents voting against the levy. 

We are grateful for the hard work put forth by the Arts and Culture Action Committee and those in the arts and culture sector that put many hours into volunteering.  We also greatly appreciate the number of Cuyahoga County voters who believe in the arts and culture sector and the work that we have done and will continue to pursue. 

If you do not know the details of the issue passing, the levy was put on the ballot and renewed a year in advance, which means the original levy will not expire until January 2017. The recently passed levy will begin its ten year run at that time, expiring in January 2027. 

Here are some news articles on the passage of Issue 8: