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Culture Pulse 2015

Culture Pulse 2015 Infographic

CPAC crunched the numbers – but your Cultural Data Project (CDP) profiles made it possible!

In Culture Pulse 2015, CPAC takes its annual snapshot of Cuyahoga County’s arts and culture nonprofits. The report focuses on the sector’s financial, human and infrastructure resources. This allows us to uncover strengths and potential challenges facing our arts and culture in the near-term. This year we’ve added an additional section that aggregates the information on participation and program offerings the CDP collects.

The data revealed contributed support has risen slightly, while larger gains were made in earned income for the sector. However such revenue growth was offset sharply by declines in investment income. In light of growing endowments, being mindful of the impact of market fluctuations is one area to monitor moving forward. Foundation and government support remain critical components of the sector’s revenue.

The sector’s workforce has experienced gains in terms of full-time and part-time employment. Salaries and fringe benefits have also increased. The sector is engaging more independent contractors as well, particularly artists and performers. Despite workforce growth, an area to monitor is an overall decline in the number of board members for the sector.

While more organizations report owning space, the overall square footage filled by arts and culture organizations has declined. This decline is largely driven by reductions in donated space.

These trends are important to keep in mind as we work to maintain the strength of the arts and culture sector. So how can you use Culture Pulse as a tool for your work?

1. Tweet the infographic to your funders, public officials and advocates. Thank them for their efforts to strengthen your critical work of creating and sharing arts and culture locally.

2. Tell a story of your impact, bring to light additional trends or share a best practice you’ve learned with peers by submitting a guest blog to CPAC’s website.

3. Compare your organization’s data with the broader sectorwide trends in Culture Pulse. If you are interested in comparing your numbers to more targeted segments of the sector, the CDP offers an online tool to generate comparative reports so you can see how your data stacks up to averages for others in the state of Ohio.

4. Visit CPAC’s research library to find additional resources on topics like creative placemaking, arts and healthcare, and economic impacts that help you better build your case for support.

We hope this year’s data tables and new infographic for Culture Pulse will be useful tools. They illustrate the multiple ways your work directly contributes to the wellbeing of those who live, work and visit Cuyahoga County every day. If you have any questions about Culture Pulse, the data findings or differences in your organization’s data trends, feel free to send us a message through our contact page and select “learn about research” as the recipient.


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