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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Creative Compass

Creative Compass

In 2012 CPAC developed Creative Compass. This website is a tool to share information, find artist opportunities and build connections with each other and the broader community. If you have never been to the site; you should check it out immediately 

Because here is a secret about Creative Compass; it is not just a tool for artists – it is all about opportunities and connectivity...for everyone. Think of it as “Your Personal GPS.”

Here are the top 10 things you may not know about Creative Compass:

  1. There is an “available space map” detailing location of current open living and/or working spaces to rent or buy space with all of the important contact information.  You can list your own opportunities here (individuals or organizations) free of charge as well  
  2. Want to blog but not sure how to start? Check out a list of sites that can offer advice
  3. Need a job?  Check out a listing of current Cleveland jobs
  4. Want more job info? Visit this link for some additional employment resources 
  5. You have a great idea; now you need to fund it? Crowdfunding may be the answer  
  6. Thinking of relocating? Visit this link to find out more about what makes Cleveland a great place to live and work  
  7. Need help with a first home purchase? This link will help to demystify the process 
  8. Want to create a survey to evaluate a project or service? Learn how to do it right
  9. Questions about copyright, contracts or trademarks? Find advice, examples and additional resources
  10. Need assistance managing your personal finances? This link will provide some options

                             Creative Compass-- We are helping you to navigate opportunity!

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