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Great Lakes Theater "The Merry Wives of Windsor," 2014

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The November Line-Up

Soon, we will head to the voting booth to choose elected offices and decide on community issues. There are nearly one hundred ballot issues in Cuyahoga County, and fifty-four federal, state and local elected offices to vote on. 

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So, there’s cancer.

And then there is fear, terror actually.

There is anger and uncertainty and more fear…

There is the feeling of being totally out of control, of knowing nothing except despair and more fear…

And the cancer isn’t yours, it doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to your four-year-old daughter who is the light of your life and who you would die for at any moment…

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"I Hate This" (guest blog by David Hansen)

When my wife and I lost our first child due to preeclampsia, I took what solace I could in writing. My journals of that time express the sorrow, anxiety and anger which came from discovering how incapable we are as a society to talk about child loss, especially men. These writings soon after became the source material for my solo performance ³I Hate This (a play without the baby)². Because I am a theater artist, creating this  work was simply the most obvious way for me to communicate my grief, by  telling our story on a stage, as a play, to be produced for a theater audience.

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Just Around the Corner: A Cleveland Re-Discovery

Upon meeting, one of the first things people ask you is where you’re from. Growing up in Akron, I have known Cleveland as my neighbor my whole life. When I was much younger I dreamed about living in places like New York City and Los Angeles. From my younger perspective, these were the places where people went to be successful artists. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the things right under your nose.

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Music Can Re-Wire the Brain and Facilitate Healing (by Guest Blogger Carol Shively Mizes)

I have personally been able to see the results of the benefits of neurological music techniques, properly applied in rehabilitation with people who suffered brain injuries, strokes and spinal cord injuries. It has truly been a rewarding experience to watch patients here at MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio, recover and live a full and productive life once again.

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Not Going Back to School This Fall

On May 11th of this year I graduated from college.  I had heard from past graduates that the transition from college to full-time work could be a difficult one.  I am realizing this more and more as summer comes to an end.  I was fortunate enough to have discovered CPAC at a job fair last fall.  I soon applied for a spring internship which became a position I continued in for the summer, and recently became a position I will continue in for the next year.  

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Building Momentum, Step by Step

At a recent family event, I was watching my now 15-month old nephew explore the world around him. It had been over 6 months since I saw him last and I was astonished by how much he had changed in just a short time. He was walking, running, climbing (against his mother’s will), and exploring almost everything. The simplest things kept him intrigued for the longest time. It was hard not to smile at his contagious grin as he mastered...

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Show Us, Don't Tell Us (By Guest Blogger Arabella Proffer)

Studying anatomy was never something that I took seriously or practiced much in art school, which is strange, considering my new fascination is with detailed and gorgeous medical illustrations of the 17th and 18th centuries. They reveal what fragile beings we truly are, and yet the macabre and gruesome nature of the subject is surrounded by baroque columns and fussy drapery worthy of an aristocratic country house. Although they might be gorgeous, these illustrations were meant only for an elite set of physicians, not the patient. Today, technology has made it easier for patients to have a doctor show them what is happening, not just tell them. This is especially helpful for someone like myself, who thinks in pictures, not words.

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