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Great Lakes Theater "The Merry Wives of Windsor," 2014

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Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Arts and culture is a community filled with voices that reflect a diversity of experiences, insights and innovations. To that end, and to facilitate sharing, we welcome, encourage and invite you to submit a guest post to CPAC’s blog “CultureForward.” Please read CPAC’s prerequisites before submitting content. The following guidelines are provided to assist you in your participation in the blog.  The Terms and Conditions of Use posted on our websites at and (the “Website”) along with our posted Privacy Policy and these Guidelines govern your use of the Website and participation in the blog.  If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and these Guidelines, you should not use the Website or participate in the blog.  Please read these Guidelines, the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy carefully.

We look forward to this knowledge sharing opportunity! 

Topics and Content

We appreciate that blogging is a creative outlet and support this important practice. That said, to maintain the focus of the CultureForward Blog, we ask that guest blogs have a clear connection with our readers. Guest blogs should contribute to strengthening, unifying and/or connecting greater Cleveland’s arts and culture sector in a manner that aligns with CPAC’s goals. We encourage you to review past CultureForward blogs before submitting your own. 

Possible Topic Areas

  • Creative Intersections: Blogs from within or outside of the arts and culture sector that share perspectives or examples about unique partnerships in arts and culture.
  • Research: CPAC is a research-driven organization. If you have new and interesting insights that would be relevant to the arts and culture sector, we want to hear about them.
  • Cultural Policy: Blogs about how the arts and culture sector can work together to solve public policy issues of common cause. These should be nonpartisan in nature.
  • Professional Development: Blogs focused on professional development for artists or arts and culture administrators.

Content Criteria

  • Please submit only original well-written content. We ask that each blog post contains your own thoughts (with citations and attributions) and that you not submit a blog post that has been published elsewhere.
  • Keep it credible. Keep it engaging.
  • Do not directly solicit readers to purchase a product or service.


A few guidelines to adhere to in hopes of keeping our readers engaged and our posts consistent:

  • Posts should be approximately 500 words in length.
  • We accept blogs in English with attention to spelling and grammar. Regrettably, we do not have capacity to review posts in other languages or code.
  • Blog submissions, including title, should be submitted in a Word document. Images can be sent as separate attachments in .jpg, .png, .gif or .tif format. Alternately, blogs will be accepted via the artist spotlight submission form on Creative Compass.
  • If you are contributing to the blog, we ask that you do so voluntarily.  CPAC does not provide payment, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by CPAC executive staff.
  • By posting to the blog, you represent to us that all posted material is original to you and that no one else has contributed to the posting.

Author Credit

Guest blogs are credited using the following language at the top of the page:

This blog is used under license and was submitted by volunteer contributor [Name, title and organization]. Learn more about [person or organization] at their website, www…. The opinions represented here are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CPAC. CPAC does not endorse the purchase of products or services by its guest bloggers. We thank all writers for volunteering their expertise with us in order to continue to strengthen, unify and connect greater Cleveland’s arts and culture community.


CPAC allows links to pages elsewhere on and In addition, guest bloggers can link back to their own website or blog, provided they are directly related to the content submission (1-5 links). Links can also be provided when citing a specific and credible research document, policy issue, or other relevant material.  You are responsible for obtaining any required permission to link to a site.

Images and Video

CPAC accepts up to three images or up to one video to be embedded in a blog. Images must be appropriate for public consumption and complement the blog content. If you submit an image or video, please also provide credit information.  See “Submissions” under Terms and Conditions of Use.  All materials submitted to the blog (the “Guest Blog Materials”) are subject to the Content Ownership section set forth below.

Content Ownership

By submitting Guest Blog Material, you hereby grant to CPAC an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, assignable, royalty free license to use the Guest Blog Material, and to create derivative works of same, in any manner in any medium now known or hereinafter to be developed. 

Use of Content

CPAC owns an exclusive license to all Guest Blog Material and all other blog materials on We ask writers not to post the blog elsewhere, but that you do provide links and share the blog through your channels.  You agree not to post the Guest Blog Material on any other site.

Submission Review

To ensure blog submissions of Guest Blog Material meet the criteria outlined in these Guest Blog Post Guidelines, CPAC staff will review all submissions. We may suggest changes or be unable to accept submissions. If any modifications are needed, we will notify you before we post the blog live, in order to ensure that the integrity of the content remains intact. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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